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Reyna Foods Inc. is a Latin American and Caribbean wholesale and retail food company that was established in 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA. Reyna's retail outlet is located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh's Strip District. Reyna Foods manufactures Corn Tortilla Chips, Corn and Flour Tortillas and Tamales. Reyna's products are supplied to supermarkets, food service distributors and restaurants or available at the retail location.

Reyna's tortilla chip factory is located in Cadogan, PA where its blue, white, red and yellow corn tortilla chips are produced. Reyna's chips are packaged under "Mejico" brand label. Reyna's famous black & gold chips are packaged under the  "Black and Gold" label. All Reyna's chips are available in bulk for restaurants and parties.

At Reyna's retail outlet, corn and flour tortillas are made fresh every day, on-the-spot, while you watch. Reyna's carries a wide variety of Latin American ingredients including freshly made salsas, various Mexican sauces, meats, cheeses, seasonings, beans, rice and the largest selection of dried peppers in the area. Not only will Reyna's provide you with in ingredients you need, they will offer advice and tips to ensure they are used properly.

Reyna Foods prepares fresh tamales using an authentic “nixtamal” masa method. Customer's favorites are Reyna's pork, beef, chicken and green chile and queso varieties of tamales. New varieties are constantly being added.

With the addition of the restaurant downstairs, Casa Reyna has been a rousing success, featuring exclusively authentic Mexican cuisine.

Visit Reyna Foods in the Strip and you will find all of the quality, authentic ingredients you will need to create a meal that celebrates the wonderful Mexican culture.

3rd Annual Pepper Farm Festival

09/13/2014 00:00
09/14/2014 00:00
America/New York

Saturday, September 13, 10AM-7PM
Sunday, September 14, 2014, 10AM-6PM
White Oak Farm, 3314 Wagner Road, Alison Park PA 15101
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Have you ever eaten chiles from Hatch, New Mexico?
If you have, then you know how delicious these pepper are. If you have not, then you don't know what you are missing!