Reyna's Grocery

Reyna Foods

Southwestern PA's first Mexican Grocery

Reyna's Mexican GroceryReyna Foods opened their retail outlet, in the heart of Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, in 1988.  Being the first and only Mexican grocery store in the Pittsburgh area, Reyna Foods has grown into a favorite stop for shoppers.

Follow your nose to the delicious aroma of roasting corn that wafts out of the store and onto the sidewalk. Taste the intense flavor of a fresh-made corn or flour tortilla as they drop off the conveyor belt of our newly-installed tortilla-making machine. 

We can satisfy all your Cinco de Mayo party needs with tortilla chips, Pico de Gallo or fire-roasted tomatillo salsas and guacamoles made fresh every day.  And don’t forget to grab a piñata for the kids.

Beef, Bean, and Chicken burritos, tamales, and black bean, chicken, and beef empanadas are made fresh daily in the store. It is best to arrive early for these popular items as they normally sell out quickly.  Don’t hesitate to call in advance to place an order for your upcoming event.

At Reyna's, we specialize in finding and acquiring those hard to find items. There's a dairy case filled with a panoply of Mexican cheeses, from the soft and bland queso blanco to an older and harder Oaxaca. The store carries an extensive selection of fresh, dried and canned chiles, authentic Mexican beefs and porks and a wide variety of dried peppers.  There are herbs and spices, not easily found in our supermarkets. The shelves are packed with such oddities as "Cock Soup" (Jamaican Chicken Noodle Soup). And there are more brands of hot sauce than you ever dreamed possible.

There is also an ever-changing collection of Mexican handcrafts and folk art.  And, for the practical joker or the collector of offbeat food experiences, there are fried crickets and fried worms and even a lollipop with a genuine scorpion inside.

We hope to meet you soon.