Reyna Foods Tortilla Factory

Reyna's Corn and Flour Tortillas made while you watch at Reyna's tortilla factory

Reyna's Tortilla Maker
Reyna Food’s retail outlet, located in the Strip District, now makes their corn and flour tortillas, fresh every day, on-the-spot within the basement adjoining our restaurant, Casa Reyna

Along with the opening of the new restaurant, one has the pleasure to watch our tortilleros hard at work while enjoying an authentic Mexican meal.

Out tortillas are made with the freshest ingredients and without any preservatives, using a traditional recipe of whole kernels of corn, which are boiled in water with an alkali (lime) until the hulls fall off and float to the top. The kernels are drained, crushed and kneaded into dough, which is formed into the flat, round tortillas, then baked to perfection. 

Come to Reyna's and see our tortilla factory in action.

The entire process is very well-tuned and so much fun to watch.
Be sure to schedule a day to come check it out.  You will be so glad you did.

Reyna's Corn Tortillas    Reyna's Four Tortilla